Development of timing window artificial intelligence into eAgronom's digital consulting service offering

eAgronom OÜ, in cooperation with research and development institution STACC OÜ, carried out an applied research and product development project for artificial intelligence to be used in agricultural management. Within the framework of the project a prototype of artificial intelligence, offering timing recommendations, was developed for the company service line AIA (Independent Agribusiness Advisory). The project had a positive impact on the growth of eAgronom's competitiveness and export capacity, and it also supports positive environmental change.

Project objectives

  • Developing a new artificial intelligence solution by 2023 - the artificial intelligence prototype called Timing Window, developed as part of the RUP measure for optimizing the timing of agricultural decisions;

  • Becoming the most reliable, transparent and profitable provider of agricultural carbon credits in the market, thereby contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture;

  • Entering new target markets in Europe and North America - eAgronom's service offering, which has been expanded after the project, will be used in new target markets. Thanks to the project, the company's technological competitiveness increase and adding great advantages and support for entering new markets;

  • Consistently increasing investments in research and development activities.

Project Results

As a result of this applied research, a prototype of artificial intelligence was developed in cooperation with STACC OÜ, which is ready for testing in an operational environment. The project also carried out product development activities that were closely related to the results of the applied research. The aim was to immediately use the results of the application study in the development of the final solution and to integrate it into the AIA offering as a separate module.

As part of the project, a model based on machine learning was completed for predicting the yield of fields and a tool supporting agronomic consulting, displaying all the necessary information for optimizing timing of agricultural decisions.

The project was funded by the Entrepreneurs Support Program for Applied Research and Product Development (RUP).

Project timeline: 04.2021 – 03.2023

Grant amount: €645,330